Packaging Papers



Paperboard is a thick paper based material.  Sometimes it is referred to as cardboard, which is a generic, lay term used to refer to any heavy paper pulp based board.

White Back & Grey Back

Available: 200-550 GSM

End uses:

  • Book & magazine covers

  • Art sculptures

  • Packaging

  • Graphic printing

  • Postcards

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper


Kraft paper or Kraft is paper or paperboard (cardboard) produced from chemical pulp produced in the Kraft process.

Sack Kraft paper, or just sack paper, is a porous Kraft paper with high elasticity and high tear resistance, in extensible and semi-extensible designed for packaging products with high demands for strength and durability.

Available: 70-180gsm

Pulp: In virgin & recycled Pulp

End Uses

  • Retail Shopping Bags

  • Industrial Wrapping Papers

  • Cement Bags

MG Kraft



MG Ribbed Kraft:

Available: 30-80gsm; In  colored variants.


  • Creating murals and other artwork

  • Compositions

  • Window dressing

  • Decorating and protecting tables

  • Book covers and etc.

  • Flower Pack

  • Sewing Papers




Containerboard also referred to as CCM or corrugated case material used to describe its two components: linerboard and corrugating medium.

It is made in specialized paper machines out of virgin as well as recycled fibers.


Liner Boards

Linerboard made of virgin pulp is called Kraftliner, whereas recycled linerboard is known as Testliner. It is higher strength fibre and has higher basis weight. Liner board is the flat facing that adheres to the medium. The medium is the wavy, fluted paper in between the liners. White top liner board is used to produce high-class cart.



  • Kraftliner ; 120- 250gsm

  • Pulp: 85% Virgin Pulp


  • Testliner: 120-140 gsm

  • Pulp: 100% Recycled Pulp

Fluting Paper

Fluting Paper

  • Corrugating Medium or Fluting: 120-140 gsm

  • Pulp: 10%-80% virgin Pulp or recycled based on customer needs.

End Uses

  • Consumer and retail packaging

  • Folding Boxes

  • Corrugated Carton Boxes


White Top Liner Board

  • Available: 120-200gsm

End Uses

  • White top liner board is used to produce high-class cart